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How to Obtain a Work Permit in Malta

If you’re planning to relocate to Malta, the process of obtaining a permit to work in Malta can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, at RE/MAX Lettings Malta we offer a multitude of services to help make the relocation process less stressful and more straightforward, including advice on how best to go about obtaining your work permit.  We have spoken with our preferred partners and have come up with some frequently asked questions answered to help you get started.

Where do I have to go to start the process?

Identity Malta, Evans Building, St Elmo’s Square, Valletta, VLT1645, Malta

I am an EU citizen – Will I need a work permit to commence my job in Malta?

EU citizens do not need a work permit to work in Malta, but you will need a Maltese residency card. A Maltese Residency card looks similar to the Identity Cards held by Maltese citizens, but is for foreign residents.

As a Non-EU citizen, what paperwork do I need to submit to obtain a work permit in Malta?

If you are a Non-EU citizen, you should submit all the relevant documents with your application, including all forms, a covering letter, proof of experience and/or qualifications, a market labour test (if the work position requires it), a copy of your passport, your employment contract, health insurance, your CV, proof of a property lease in Malta, and any health screening when relevant. 

Can the application process be carried out whilst I am still abroad, or must it be done in person in Malta?

Applying for a work permit in Malta may be done either in Malta in person or while still abroad.

If you are already in Malta, any required biometrics tests can be taken in person on the day of application, and you will be granted with a temporary residency permit until the application has been fully processed.

If you are still abroad, you have the option of requesting someone to submit the application on your behalf in Malta, although you will need to provide passport photos in addition to the other documents required.

If applying from abroad, however, there is no need to supply health insurance, proof of property lease, and health screening at the application stage.

How long does the work permit application process take?

How quickly your work permit application is processed depends on a number of different factors, which vary according to the individual.

If you will also need a Visa, this will only be issued once approval is granted for the work permit, so the total processing time will differ to someone who is part of the Key Employment Initiative, who may have their application processed within five days.

However, in general, an application for a work permit alone can take anything up to four months. 

What might make someone ineligible to obtain a work permit in Malta?

Provided they have submitted all the required documents as requested, there are no circumstances in which someone might be ineligible to apply for a work permit in Malta.

Please also note, you may not commence any employment in Malta if your work permit application is still being processed.

How long will my work permit in Malta remain valid?

A work permit in Malta is normally valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed. If an applicant is part of the Key Employment Initiative, this may remain valid for up to three years before renewal.

How will I be notified that my application for a work permit has been successful?

If an email address has been provided during the application, you will be notified via email.

What documentation will I receive as proof of my approved work permit?

A formal approval letter will be sent to you, with which you may commence employment in Malta.

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