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Commercial Real Estate in Malta

On the surface, finding and selecting a commercial property may seem rather straightforward. In truth it can be a complicated and time-consuming process, unless the right questions are asked up front before the process begins.

Asking the Right Questions

The term ‘Commercial Real Estate’ encompasses such a vast cross-section of properties it can take forever to narrow things down to the specifics if the wrong questions are asked when the search for a new property begins.

At RE/MAX, our dedicated commercial team is trained to ask the right questions, so that only the most appropriate properties are picked for consideration.

Whether the business in question depends on foot traffic or operates B2B, the nature of the business is one of the largest influences on the type of properties that make the short list. For example, a business operating completely online requires a vastly different physical operating centre than a wholesale supplier with stock to store.

Things get even more specific when it comes to speciality spaces. Refrigerated or temperature controlled premises, for example.

Asking the right questions is vital from the first step. This avoids confusion and time wasting.

RE/MAX understands that asking these questions can have a direct influence on the profits the client’s company or organisation eventually makes. It can be a very costly error indeed and our associates have the training and experience to make sure that doesn’t happen.


The next step a good agency considers is the logistical aspect of the business. A shortlisted property must not only accommodate the organisation comfortably, but should also provide room for growth. That final part of the equation is what separates those that know the market well and those that don’t.

Finding a commercial property is not simply a case of counting car spaces and wall sockets (although those are important too). Nearby amenities and customer parking, foot traffic, seasonal impacts on the area and countless other considerations must be deliberated before the property is even presented to the client.

Logistics also includes location. Certain businesses are required or expected to occupy commercial space within certain areas or districts, as in maritime or law firms, for example.

Specifics and Details

Certain businesses require licenses and this must be kept in consideration when choosing a location. Restrictions and regulations on certain buildings and/or units could aversely affect the occupier of the premises, if not made clear (or applied for) at the beginning.

Finally, it should also be noted whether the business in question requires any extraordinary amenities. Does it require reinforced windows, for example?

As can be seen, finding the right commercial property is trickier than it may first seem. When a business depends on it, it is absolutely imperative that the process is done right, not just legally, but also in terms of asking the right questions, right down to the specifics.

What’s Available?

Malta is blessed with a healthy and growing economy. Business and investment is increasing and commercial real estate market is adapting to accommodate that.

As a result, virtually any kind of commercial real estate can be found on the island, and RE/MAX has access to the best of them. The quality of the real estate can vary, but RE/MAX Malta is able to offer clients some of the best commercial real estate in the Mediterranean, including green office space.

These include dedicated districts of office or retail space or converted offices in more quiet areas. Offices can come with state of the art fibre optic connectivity, especially properties designed to accommodate international online companies, dot coms and iGaming companies.

Commercial Rentals

The RE/MAX Letting commercial database contains office units of all sizes with all amenities. Many of the higher-end office spaces boast state of the art technology to cater for firms working in the financial services or ICT industries.

If the perfect property does not exist, RE/MAX can also assist in solving that. Our expert associates can potentially find an investor to buy a block of offices on a business’ behalf, tailor it to any specifications required, and then rent it out to the business as a custom-built base of operations.

RE/MAX Leaders in Commercial Real Estate

It is common knowledge that, to achieve success in business, you must built a team of experts that know more than you do. RE/MAX are Malta’s leading experts when it comes to Commercial Real Estate.

RE/MAX has the island’s largest database of commercial properties and our dynamic commercial team is made up of Malta’s best associates in this field. They are renowned for getting the job done quickly, personably and cost effectively.

RE/MAX associates understand that moving a company into new premises can be a tumultuous job, no matter the size of the organisation. From a one-person operation to thousand-man manufacturing plant, RE/MAX experts are on hand to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the workflow of your company. Like you, we have hired the best people to give the best service on the island, finding commercial real estate in Malta that perfectly suits any type of business.

RE/MAX Malta’s commercial associates have the inside knowledge, with years of experience. We know the island inside out and can help pinpoint the exact areas that will help support and grow your business. From 25 square metres to 4,000 square metres or more, RE/MAX can source and secure it for you.

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