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Wine & Cigar Bars in Malta

Malta has numerous wine bars in a variety of locations, many of which are tucked away, hidden from the hustle and bustle of modern life. They’ve paved the way for a more refined approach to an evening out. Cigar bars, while not yet as popular, are also gaining ground.

If you are looking to live in Malta for an extended period of time, before you start looking for any real estate in Malta we’d like to get you acquainted with some night life information you may not find elsewhere.  After all, living in Malta and not knowing about these places of interest is like you have…. you haven’t lived or at least that’s what many say after they make the discovery.

If you fancy a quiet evening out sampling some of Malta’s finest wines, there are dozens of establishments ready to cater to your needs.  Many wine bars, some of which are considered to be bistros as well, also offer mouth-watering local platters and snacks of all sorts.  Several outlets are found in the popular expat areas from Ta’Xbiex and Sliema areas, all the way up St. Julian’s and even as far as Qawra.  If you are renting or have bought a home over in these places, we’re sure you will find them.  The following are let’s say, are the more hidden establishments.

Valletta’s Wine Bars

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valletta is the perfect setting for a wine bar, and the capital is absolutely jam-packed with them. If you’re looking for a quaint place to hang out with some friends in a relaxed atmosphere, then check out Omerta’ Trattoria & Wine Bar on Old Bakery Street. It has a terrific selection of local and foreign wine, plus a well-thought out menu featuring seafood dishes, local Maltese platters, antipasti and much more. They also cater for customers with specific dietary requirements.

Another one not to be missed is Trabuxu, located on the world-famous (and infamous) Strait Street. The staff are always ready to help you select the finest possible wine depending on your likes and dislikes, while the specials menu is constantly changing. Make sure you keep an eye out for their delicious fondue and pleasant selection of dips!

Cigar Bars

While cigar bars may be enjoying a revival worldwide, Malta has not quite caught onto the trend just yet. The first and only establishment currently making its mark is Tiffany’s, a splendid, fully licensed champagne and cigar bar located within the prestigious Portomaso marina, in St Julian’s. Connoisseurs will be delighted with the extensive list of wine, whiskey and champagne on offer, complemented nicely by the finest cigars that money can buy. With a sophisticated atmosphere and a customer-oriented approach, Tiffany’s promises the ideal evening out for its discerning clientele. If you are a connoisseur or aspiring to be one, ask the manager when the next Cigar tasting event will be held.

Hidden Gems

If you’re interested in discovering some of Malta’s best-rated wine bars off the beaten track, look no further! Cent Anni is a recently renovated wine bar hidden away in the traditional Maltese village of Gharghur. It has an extensive waiting list, so book in advance should you be tempted to pay a visit.

Finally, the ‘Silent City’ Mdina, really is the perfect place for a romantic stroll followed by dinner and wine at one of the picturesque establishments here. We recommend dropping by Ta’ Wistin wine bar, which situated nearby on the outskirts of Rabat. With its typically rustic style, local patrons and scrumptious snacks to sample, this promises a holistic Maltese experience in really lovely surroundings.

All an all, there are many places in Malta to enjoy an evening out however sometimes a recommendation here or there will make that evening just a little more majestic.  Keep an eye out for more articles that may assist you on your Malta journey.  Stay tuned for more articles related to living in Malta.  If you are thinking of relocating to Malta you may also want to search for property in Malta and Gozo.