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Tips for Dealing with Your Landlord

No matter what type of rental property you live in, be it a countryside townhouse or a modern apartment in a city centre, you will need to liaise with your landlord or landlady at some stage.  At RE/MAX Lettings we training our letting associates to do their utmost to guide the hundreds of tenants we meet on a daily basis.  Through our eighteen years of leading the rental market we have learnt that logical common manners is the rule of thumb but we also understand that cultures are different and people have different reactions to various situations.

We have compiled some tips for dealing with your landlord, so that renting your property in Malta from them will be as straightforward as possible for both you.

Politeness Pays

Manners are advisable in any situation, but most especially when dealing with your landlord. There may be minor or major issues with your rental property that you will need to work with your landlord to resolve, but no matter who you feel may be at fault, it is in your best interests to be patient, open to compromise, and to always maintain a polite, respectful and professional approach in your communications.

Double-check Your Rental Agreement

The best kind of tenant is one that reads thoroughly, and makes sure to fully understand, their rental agreement before signing and committing to it. Early recognition of any stipulated conditions relating to the rental property, such as restrictions on pets, noise, satellite dishes or smoking, not to mention any added fees relating to amenities or utilities, can ensure that any later misunderstandings with your landlord can be avoided.

Keep Written Records

Maintaining an accurate paper trail for your rental property, not only of any documentation but also of all your communications with your landlord, is good practice in general as well as invaluable should there be a later dispute. It is advisable that you make all communications in writing where possible, particularly of any requested repairs so the landlord can address the problem with all the necessary details on paper.

Know Your Rights

Rental properties in Malta are usually susceptible to certain items that must be provided by the landlord by law, and these items can vary from country to country. Maltese laws include tenant rights and rules concerning water, heat, electricity and entry, amongst a host of other considerations, and so it is worth your while to research what you as a tenant are legally entitled to in regards your rental property.

Pay Your Rent on Time

It may seem obvious, but the best way to keep on the right side of your landlord is to never miss or be late on a rent payment. Take the time to set up an automatic payment via your bank, or set up text or email reminders to notify you when your rent is due. In the unlikely event of a dispute, a good track record of rent payments is the best incentive for your landlord to resolve the matter quickly and in your favour.

Be a Good Tenant

As well as paying your rent, being a good tenant in general ensures that you will have no difficulties with your landlord. Make sure to respect the terms of the rental agreement regarding noise, pets or guests, for example, and to keep the property and contents clean, tidy, and free of damage. Landlords appreciate that good tenants are difficult to come by, and so they may even offer you incentives to prolong your rental period such as a fixed rent amount for a certain time, added amenities, or even a reduced rent.