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Renting Office Space in Malta

When it comes to commercial real estate in Malta, the choice is wide and the possibilities are numerous – not simply in terms of shops and showrooms, but also offices and other types of commercial real estate.  RE/MAX Lettings has over 15 years of experience of relocating companies to Malta from 5 people offices to offices that accommodate hundreds of employees.  Our specialised commercial agents are at your call and provide a complete service.

Types of Commercial Real Estate in Malta

One of the first questions that should be asked when considering commercial real estate in Malta is about the type of business that is going to operate from the premises. Does the business depend on foot traffic, is it going to be a destination in its own right, or does it generate profits online or B2B?

Whatever the type of property and business occupying it, in choosing the right location one must take into consideration things such as parking for customers or employees, nearby amenities, and the necessity for travel to other places.

Employees at a law firm, for example, would expect to be travelling to the Maltese law courts rather regularly, a fact that should be taken into consideration when choosing an office location. Similarly, customer-based companies may want to provide easy, free parking for their clients, to make their lives easier.

Specifics and Details

When a location has been selected, several factors within the property will need to be considered and addressed. Apart from the basic questions (such as: Is there enough room for employees to work and for the firm to grow?) you should also bear in mind requirements that are specific to the business that will occupy the premises. Does the property require a special license? Is super-fast broadband required? Does the property need to have specific amenities, such as a certain number of plug sockets, or reinforced windows?

Variety of Options in Malta

Thanks to the Maltese government’s pro-business attitude and the introduction of numerous tax advantages, Malta has become a major business hub over the last decade or so. To accommodate the growing number of international businesses relocating to Malta, the quality of commercial space available has improved substantially.

Malta now boasts some of the finest commercial real estate in the Mediterranean and RE/MAX has access to the best of it. These include dedicated districts of office or retail space, as well as converted offices in alternative areas.

State of the Art Facilities

Malta’s position as an international centre for online industries has seen the amount of commercial space with state-of-the-art connectivity increase dramatically.

RE/MAX Malta recognises that the reliability and speed of such services is vital to online business and, therefore, has access to a database of commercial properties with the latest fibre optic connectivity. A large number of international companies, dot coms and iGaming companies have already benefitted from our expertise in this area.


It may come as a surprise, given Malta’s size, but there are some rather distinct commercial districts on the Island, dedicated to different types of businesses. The most obvious are the numerous Industrial Estates, as well as the retail areas of Sliema and Valletta, with the latter also being Malta’s centre for government, law, and finance.

The areas of Ta’ Xbiex and Gzira tend to house online and nautical-based companies. Online businesses also favour Smart City, a technology park with state-of-the-art office space based on the models of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

The tourism industry favours Malta coastal areas along the ‘Golden Mile’ as well as the ‘beach district’ in the north of the Island.

Selecting the right location for your office, warehouse or retail unit can have a huge impact on your business. RE/MAX Malta’s commercial associates have the insider knowledge, topped up with years of experience finding the right property to suit any business. We know the Island inside-out and can help pinpoint the exact areas that will help support and grow your business.

Green Office Space

Green office space is increasing in popularity, with many companies upgrading to environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient offices. Energy efficient premises with natural lighting and clean air are on the increase in Malta.

RE/MAX Malta can select those that are most suited to any business and assist in the upgrade to a greener office space.

RE/MAX Leaders in Commercial Real Estate

At RE/MAX, our associates are trained to assist businesses find commercial real estate in Malta that perfectly suits any type of business. With years of experience in this field, RE/MAX Malta has access to a vast database of Commercial Real Estate in Malta. This means that we are trained to ask the right questions and to select the right properties based on that information.

The location, size and type of property housing a business are a vital part of the success story for any company in any industry. Selecting the right property should be a job for experts who are professional in their approach, who understand the market, and who have access to the best properties. RE/MAX Malta has a track record that speaks for itself in this regard.