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Property Management

RE/MAX Malta is at the forefront of Malta’s real estate market, not simply as a selling and letting agency, but as the final word in all-inclusive property services.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer a property administration service that ranks amongst the most comprehensive, reliable and trusted on the Maltese Islands.


The RE/MAX Property Management Service

The RE/MAX Property Management Service is ideal for both foreign and local landlords.

It includes the comprehensive ongoing management of any number of properties on behalf of a landlord, or number of landlords (as in the case of a condominium).

Put simply, our property management service takes the work out of the hands of the landlord and places the responsibility with a professional agency, freeing up time and energy on behalf of the landlord.

A Service for Landlords

Our experienced team has worked with landlords across the Maltese Islands for years.

We know that the duties of a landlord can be time consuming, especially when you have multiple properties. Maintenance works, checking electricity and water meters, sorting out insurance, qualifying prospective tenants… the list is never ending and, while each detail is necessary, it is also extremely time consuming.

As a client of our property management service, these are all taken care of. The hassle is in the hands of our professional team, leaving our clients with peace of mind and more time to devote to other projects, be it spending time with the family, or pursuing other investment opportunities.

Extracting oneself from the daily nitty gritty of property management means that it is the RE/MAX Malta team that will take care of that 4am emergency phone call because of lost keys, or arrange a pick up for tenants arriving on the red eye flight. Whatever needs to be done, our associates will handle it promptly and professionally.

The RE/MAX team will also carry out planned, routine and emergency repairs 24/7. We can also sort out any insurance necessary, such as Building, Landlord’s Contents, or Public and Employer’s Liability insurance.

Our clients include landlords with multiple properties, who do not have the time to get bogged down in the day-to-day complexities of property management. Collecting rent, preparing agreements, sorting out amenities; why spend time working in your business when you could be working on your business, or simply enjoying the income that your property gives you, without the headaches?

With years of experience in this field, RE/MAX Malta has seen it all and done it all, several times over. Our associates are fully trained and prepared to deal with whatever situation may arise, sorting it out quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss.

Taking advantage of our property management service won’t break the bank. In fact, so many landlords have recognised its value that it has become one of our most popular services. The return on time far outweighs the minimal capital investment.

Condominium Administration

According to Maltese law, every block of individually owned units with a common area is registered as a condominium. It is the job of an administrator to ensure the smooth running of the maintenance of all common areas within the block.

Such a job requires energy, responsibility and time.

The team at RE/MAX Malta is able to provide a professional condominium administration service at competitive rates, with a service that is second to none and that is fully compliant with the requirements of the Condominium Act.

Our service includes attendance at general meetings and the taking of immediate action on any decisions. Due to our extensive network of contacts within the industry, RE/MAX Malta provides a wide choice of rates for any repairs and maintenance that may arise, also guaranteeing a smooth running of common areas, especially since RE/MAX acts as a single reference point between tenants and service providers.

Finally, we offer 24-hour assistance in case of unexpected emergencies.

Office Facilities Management

Like an army fighting a battle, any business needs a constant supply chain. As the general in charge of that army however, many successful business owners cannot afford to take their eye off the battlefield.

The simplest, most effective solution is to let that supply chain take care of itself. That is why RE/MAX Malta provides an Office Facilities Management service that supports businesses, allowing them to focus on what matters, while maintaining a balance between excellence and efficiency.

The service includes janitorial and cleaning services, the maintenance of equipment, stationery supplies, the provision of office furniture, machinery breakdown (including company vehicles), collection of bulk mail, courier services, general maintenance work, and other work as requested.

Businesses all over Malta and Gozo have discovered that this service allows them to improve productivity without sacrificing the quality of the products and services provided.

Handyman Services

One of the biggest advantages of working with RE/MAX Malta is access to our extensive database of trusted suppliers, vendors and craftsmen.

With years of experience dealing day-to-day with all kinds of properties, our clients can rest assured that we can source the right supplier for the job. RE/MAX Malta is the one-stop shop for a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions on any property.

All technicians in our database are highly skilled and their services include all manner of maintenance and repair jobs, from air-conditioning maintenance and installation to building alterations, painting services, tile laying, demolition, iron works, parquet flooring, water proofing, lift maintenance and more.

From consultancy on design and project management, to drainage works and plumbing, we’ve got it covered.