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Living in Malta As A Resident ∣ Business & Personal benefits

Bang in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is a haven that many people flock to for their summer holidays. But the Island is also a great place to live. Here’s why! 

Over the past few generations, Malta has gone from a post-colonial island to a nation in its own right, with its people having a very distinct identity.

Nevertheless, the Island also has an insatiable appetite for all things worldly, creating a cosmopolitan country that is slowly but surely becoming a mecca for those seeking a relaxed yet luxurious lifestyle that marries business and pleasure perfectly.  If you were to apply for residency in Malta and eventually take up one of the two available options; Global Residence Programme (Non-EU) or the Residence Programme Rules 2014 (EU), there are a number of benefits which one may take advantage of living on the Maltese Islands.  There are already a number of British, South africans, Norwegians, Swiss, US Citizens, Asians residing in Malta through these schemes amongst them a number of well-known billionaires.

Lifestyle: The Maltese lifestyle is definitely something to be envied. Long, hot days allow for stealthy, after-work trips to the sea; the beautiful nights, for al fresco dining or barbecues by the pool. The Island’s small size also means that you won’t spend a lot of time commuting, allowing you instead to spend that time with your family and friends.

Business: Located in the cross roads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Malta has always been at the centre of trade routes. Today, its pristine geographical location means that it is great for businesses, with some of Europe and the world’s biggest companies having offices here. Many iGaming companies from as far afield as Russia and Norway are now operating from here too, as well as reputable Financial institutions whereas  the opening of SmartCity in Kalkara has also further established Malta as a major business hub in the Mediterranean.

Tax Perks: Depending on your residence options, Malta is also good for business due to its excellent tax rebates, which many foreign businesses and businesspeople living here make the most of.  Compared to most countries in Europe, in fact, businesses here pay much, much less.  More information about this can be found at or alternatively go to the Maltese Government website

Location: The Island’s location means that you are never too far from home, either.  Malta’s national airline, AirMalta, along with many other airlines (including budget ones) offer daily or weekly flights to most European countries, as well as Russia and many countries in the Middle East and Africa.

The People: One of the first things you’ll notice when you come to Malta is just how nice and friendly the people residing there are. They are very welcoming and willing to help out.  Most of them are also very competent in English, meaning that living amongst the locals doesn’t mean that you will have to learn the Maltese language.

Real Estate Market: The real estate market is one that is buoyant and also consideration that is a added advantage.  Unlike several other Mediterranean countries in central Europe, Malta property market is very solid and one may be sure that their return on investment will be steady as well as fruitful.  An investment property on the Islands may achieve anywhere from 4.5% to 8% rental income depending on the type of property purchased and the location.

When moving to Malta, it’s also important to apply for your eResidence Card, which will show your immigration position as a foreigner living in Malta. This card can be used as a legal mode of identification both to apply for certain services, as well as in the case of an emergency. The e-residence card is so to speak a ticket to smooth living in Malta as to take advantage of any government services this is the first thing one must do.

Overall: Settling in to Malta can be extremely easy, especially if you get the right advice. From finding the right school for your children to making friends with like-minded people, we can guide you towards making Malta the Mediterranean home you have always dreamed of.