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Guide to Letting a Luxury Property in Malta

Luxury Rental Property in Malta

The Properties you’ll find, the Services you deserve!

Opting to spend quality time savouring island living is a pleasurable option once you know how to go about it. You have either found our beautiful Islands through a job or business opportunity, have applied to become a resident and/or waiting for you citizenship application, retired to Malta or simply fell in love with the country and are viewing Malta or Gozo as a second home or somewhere to eventually invest. You are used to a certain lifestyle, which only the top percentage of the Islands population could aspire to live and you are in need of a guide, someone that you may trust and provide you the service that you are accustomed to in your daily life.

Using an Experienced Letting Agent

Relocation Services as you may know it is simply not a service that is offered in Malta. Choosing from a menu of items such as “Home Finding Service”, “Orientation” or “Tenancy management” would be ideal however owing to the fact that the Maltese are so hospitable, and literally offer these services practically for free, working through a letting agent in Malta is probably the most viable option.

Letting a property in Malta involves only one major decision – where will it be located. Simply put, Malta is teeming with a grand selection of upmarket options of property to let that may be sourced with the assistance of a fully trained seasoned letting agent whose database will include from the ‘simple’ luxuries through to the more complex forms of extravagance one might wish to have.

Selecting a Property to Let

There is a vast selection of luxury upmarket properties available to let in Malta. Villas, seafront apartments, penthouses and apartments located on a Marina, overlooking the Valletta Bastions or even with a full view of the Maltese Islands. Malta and Gozo is also known for its historically converted 400-year-old homes that come with hectares of land that we call Farmhouses. These properties and more are available but one must take everything into account when choosing a property, which you will evidently be, signing a lease agreement for a number of months or years.

Your lifestyle will decipher the decision. An experienced letting agent will tell you that even though Malta is small and the distances are short, many a time, expatriates have rented their dream home with pool and have ended up curtailing their agreement and moving to a more central area. This is mainly because Malta’s cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle is about being close to the clear blue seas, walking distance to the restaurants and café’s and being able to simply step out of the door to find everything at your fingertips. It also may be owing to the driving congestion as well as the fact that in Malta we drive on the left hand side. This can take its time to get familiar with and may cause a stress during the settling in period, especially if the renter’s have children who may be active and need to be driven around. If you or your partner/husband/wife work in an office building than also be prepared to rent or purchase a second car or let out an apartment for a short period before you make the leap into renting a more expensive home that you may not stay in for the longer period that you anticipated.

If you want to step away from the hustle and bustle and are more inclined to favour a quieter regime than renting a house of character, terraced house or villa with a pool will suit your needs. Once you will arrive on the Islands and have discussed the multitude of options with your experienced letting agent than you will be in a better position to understand the dynamics and make a knowledgeable decision.

Designer Homes and Amenities

Design quality and fine interiors can be staggeringly beautiful with an input from high-end designers. Most Maltese investors entrust interior designers to ensure that their rental homes are state of the art and have all the top-end amenities that one would expect from the price tag. The unique necessities for easy living including heated flooring, air-conditioning, and state of the art smart home features, open spaces, and everything under the sun are well thought out and available. In Malta, you may find it all, especially since over the last decade the country has attracted a number of lifestyle developments and five-star hotels that were built to accommodate the influx of discerning individuals like yourselves. It’s important you are clear with your letting agent with the your criteria so that they may complete a comprehensive search and pin-point the right rental property for you.

Luxury Places to live in Malta

Malta has become a cosmopolitan hub in the Mediterranean and has been transformed into a paradise. Sea front apartments and villas were the only considered luxury properties available up until over fifteen years ago when the landmark Portomaso Marina (See Property in Portomaso) was developed creating a benchmark for quality within the industry. Other similar developments such as Tigne Point, Fort Cambridge, Pender Gardens, Tas-Sellum as well as Ta’Monita have been developed ever since whereas a number of sea front homes in Sliema and St. Julian’s have been developed into luxury ocean front apartment buildings. These are notable areas where expatriates have invested as well as rented.

The Villa market has followed suit. Developers saw the interest from foreign and local investors to purchase and rent mansion-like state of the art homes and thus started building such properties in Madliena, High Ridge, San Pawl Tat-Targa and other locations.

Malta is small but like many cities in Europe has its niche upmarket places where discerning people tend to live, socialize, shop and entertain. Ask one of specialized letting agents to provide you an update for you to make an informed decision.

Service you Deserve

RE/MAX Malta is one of the first estate agencies to have a fully comprehensive letting department. Originally established in 1999, we have one of the highest attrition rates in the industry. Entrepreneurial driven, our associates are known to be the best and most knowledgeable letting teams in the Industry.

We often compare our service to being a type of concierge service because we literally are able to take care of any requirements that you may have, before and after you arrive in Malta. Some of the additional free services that we may coordinate on your behalf are the following:

  • Assistance in locating schooling
  • Coordinating maid service
  • Ensuring high-speed internet and cable TV is installed
  • Booking restaurants
  • Booking hotels
  • Organisation of catering events
  • Suggestion of a selection of professional service providers (Auditors and legal firms.)

Our experience with discerning customers starts from renting homes to famous film directors and actors of practically all the blockbuster movies that have been filmed in Malta to letting luxury apartments and villas to CEO’s and directors of foreign companies, high street investment bankers, diplomats and several other individuals that have relocated to the Islands.