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Finding a Flatmate in Malta

With Malta enjoying the regular addition of new housing developments, the concept of flat-sharing is steadily growing alongside this boom in available real estate.  Everyone from students, employees of iGaming companies to retirees are increasingly open to finding a flatmate to share the expense of living in a rental apartment in Malta that gives them their own space or might help them live closer to work, studies or amenities.

Here are some ideas to help you to find a flatmate in Malta.

Word of Mouth

Malta’s diminutive size in comparison to other European countries means that your existing social network of friends and family will likely overlap with several others.  By advising your own contacts of your search for someone to let out a property with you, they will inevitably pass this on via word of mouth throughout their social circles, in a ripple effect across Malta that could well reach the ears of your future flatmate.   The added advantage of this method is that your friends and family will understand the type of person who will be the best flatmate for you, and so you will have less need for a screening process of potential flatmates.  There are a number of Facebook groups that also offer this service which will even extend your network even further.

Flyers in Places of Interest

Much like word of mouth, putting up simple posters in relevant spots, within reason, is also worth the effort to find a like-minded flatmate. University students should make sure to add some flyers around the University campus or on the bulletin boards whilst someone seeking a fellow professional might put up a poster at their place of work. A useful addition to these posters is a line of multiple tear-away slips, so that interested parties can easily save your details for later.

Local Press

The classified section of any local newspaper almost always contains at least one advertisement from people either seeking a flatmate, or from those seeking a flat-share situation.  Whilst regularly checking these sections is a good idea, you should also consider creating a small advert of your own to be included in the newspaper, as a cost-effective method of quickly reaching a substantial audience. A very popular classified section to search for flat mates is

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of the online social network for spreading the word regarding your search for a flatmate. Like with word of mouth, your online friends are well-placed to know the kind of person who would be your ideal flatmate, and it may even transpire that one of your followers themselves may be seeking a flat-share.  Look out also for specific social media groups dedicated to finding flatmates in Malta, such as the ‘Share flat in Malta’ public group on Facebook, which is a very simple way to quickly communicate with other people in the same situation.  There are a number of other Facebook groups that also offer this service which will even extend your network even further and increase your options of finding someone to share a rental apartment with you.

Forums about Malta

The Malta section of has a forum that is very helpful which posts several items about lifestyle and more importantly also requests to share rental apartments.  Very often, existing tenants of a rental apartment would be posting on this site so basically all you would have to do is meet up, have a look at the apartment and if you like it make an arrangement on the rental you will be paying and move in.   

Work with your RE/MAX Agent

A RE/MAX letting agent that may helped you to find an apartment rental may also help you in your search for a flatmate.  As rental agents are working daily with a large number of other property renters, and are knowledgeable about your chosen apartment and its surrounding amenities, the agent may be very well-placed to look out for others who may be interested to live alongside you in your apartment. 

To get started with your search go to our Letting Malta website

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