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Dealing with your Water & Electricity Bills

If you are living in a rental property in Malta or possibly looking to let a home, chances are you will need to factor your utility bills into your monthly expenses, as well as deal with your utilities supplier in order to pay them.

The primary utilities supplier that provides electricity and water to properties throughout Malta and Gozo is Automated Revenue Management Services (ARMS) Limited.

It is recommended that you speak with your preferred letting agent in Malta who may guide you in dealing with ARMS as well as your landlord, so to orient you as to the process of setting an account up as a tenant and paying your bills.  It is also good to note that as a expatriate in Malta you will also benefit from the same tariffs as the Maltese Nationals. 

Here are some tips on dealing with ARMS Ltd to settle your water and electricity bills.

Updating your account with ARMS Ltd

When renting out a property, all pending bills should be settled and the account changed over to the new resident’s name as quickly as possible. To do this, you can download a form from the ARMS Ltd website and submit it to them by post, email, or at one of their Customer Care Offices in Blata l-Bajda, just outside of Malta’s capital Valletta, or in Victoria in Gozo.  Should your Landlord oppose, he may offer to keep the bills on his name and provide you a monthly bill. It is always advised that to have control of your own bills you must switch over the tenancy of the Utilities with ARMS.

You should also ensure that actual meter readings are made available to ARMS Ltd, either by providing access to the meter reader, by sending an email with the readings to [email protected], or by submitting your readings through the ARMS Ltd website.

Paying Your Bill

You can settle payment for your bill with ARMS Ltd in a variety of ways:

By Direct Debit: If you wish you may set up a direct debit from your bank account, to automatically pay any outstanding bills. An added incentive for choosing this method is a 2%, or minimum of €3, discount on each bill. A form to set this up is available to download from the ARMS Ltd website.

By Credit/Debit Card: You can complete payment by credit or debit card either through the ARMS website, internet banking, telephone banking, by completing the details on the back of the remittance slip attached to the hard copy of your bill and returning it, or in person at either of the ARMS Ltd Customer Care Outlets in Malta or Gozo.

By Post: If you prefer to send a cheque for the bill amount, you may do so by posting it together with the removable remittance slip from your bill. Remember to write your utility account number and the bill number on the back of the cheque.

At the Post Office, ATMs or Local Council: Simply take your hard copy bill to any Maltapost plc branch to settle it, or complete payment via any Bank of Valletta or HSBC ATM, or at the Birkirkara, Gudja or Hal Ghaxaq Local Councils.

Penalties for late payments

Regardless of the method you choose to settle your utilities bill, however, the terms remain the same for late or dishonoured payments.

Whilst officially the due date for payment is within 15 days from the invoice date printed on the bill, consumers are granted a full 45 days to settle the bill without incurring any penalty. Go beyond this 45-day grace period, however, and 6% interest per annum is charged as from the 50th day following the invoice date.

If your bill payment is dishonoured for any reason, meanwhile, then a €35 administration charge, as well as relevant interest charges, are applicable for each payment which is dishonoured.

Failure to pay your bill may result in ARMS Ltd suspending your utility services, and charges will apply to reinstate them.

What to do in case of difficulties

For assistance with regards to your service or bill, as well as any technical problems relating to your water supply, you can telephone ARMS Ltd using freephone number 8007 2222.

For any technical issues with your electricity supply, call their freephone number 8007 2224.

In addition to their website at, ARMS Ltd can also be contacted via email at [email protected]

Finally, if there are any problems that are beyond your control, it is recommended to contact the letting agent that found you your home.