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When it comes to commercial real estate in Malta, the choice is wide and the possibilities are numerous, not simply in terms of shops and showrooms, but also offices and other types of commercial real estate.

One of the first questions that should be asked when considering commercial real estate in Malta is the type of business that is going to operate from the premises. Does the business depend on foot traffic, or does it generate profits online or B2B?

Whatever the type of property and business occupying it, in choosing the right location one must take into consideration things such as parking for customers or employees, nearby amenities, and the necessity for travel to other places.

Employees at a law firm, for example, would expect to be travelling to the Maltese law courts rather regularly, a fact that should be taken into consideration when choosing an office location. Similarly, customer-based companies may want to provide easy, free parking for their clients, to make their lives easier.

When a location has been selected, several factors within the property will need to be considered and addressed. Apart from the basic questions (such as: Is there enough room for employees to work and for the firm to grow?) you should also bear in mind requirements that are specific to the business that would occupy the premises. Does the property require a special license? Is super-fast broadband required? Does the property need to have specific amenities, such as a certain number of plug sockets, or reinforced windows?

At RE/MAX, our associates are trained to assist businesses find commercial real estate in Malta that perfectly suits any type of business. With years of experience in this field, RE/MAX Malta has access to a vast database of Commercial Real Estate in Malta. This means that we are trained to ask the right questions and to select the right properties for based on that information.

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