Featured Homes for Rent

St. Julian's The rental market is fast-paced and sometimes pinning down and letting out the right property on the market, especially in the central/east areas (Sliema, St. Julian’s and Surroundings) in Malta, is difficult.  We have created this Featured Homes for Rent page to provide you, our customer, a feed / list  and now you can be the first to know and view latest properties as and when they come available on the Market.

Choosing the right home for rent in Malta is probably on your mind at the moment.  Hereunder, we would like to provide you added value in an attempt to provide you, through our fifteen years of experience, a summary of the letting market, some tips we have learnt through our customers and how you may take best advantage of our seasoned letting agents.

Presently, Malta is the hub in the mediterranean for technology, igaming, finance, personal residence, citizenship by investment amongst other businesses thatL_8f6333dfc0514443b59d3c55049ef65e_iList are attracting foreign investment not to mention tourism, which hinders the availability of long term rentals between June and August.  These industries are continually growing and the Maltese Government is further investing in these industries.  This evident increase of demand from foreign personnel from these industries has created a need to build, develop and convert properties and transform them in to rental investments.  Whilst this is happening, the supply of properties may be limited at times and thus a customers looking for a specific property must keep an eye out for their new home.

In order to bridge this gap and ensure that RE/MAX Malta continues to be the leading letting agency in Malta, we are investing in training for our associates, on-line marketing,  SMS Campaign so that our landlords may inform us of their availability and this Featured Homes for Rent web page.

IMG_4731Our Letting agents are specialised which means that each agent has it’s type of property, budget and area in which they excel.  It is important that when you send a request that you ask for an agent that is specialised in the type of property for rent in which you are interested.  This will speed up the process and ensure that you will be shown the correct properties and within your price range.  Our rental agents at times may also show you something that might be a little more expensive and a little cheaper so you will be able to understand the market.

Location also depends very much on whether you will have your own transport or have access to transport.  If you will have your own car or other means to be taken from A to B, your options will be much wider however if you won’t and you will have to depend on public transport your rental home options maybe limited to where your work place will be.  This of course is not a bad thing as most workplaces are near to the coastline of Malta where there are many lovely homes available.

These featured properties for rent are uploaded daily and are all available for long term lets.  They comprise of one, two, or three or more bedrooms and are located in various areas.  We have a number of properties coming available daily and thus due to the fast paced market some properties you may choose as ideal homes may be rented quickly.  We update this list on a frequent basis to ensure that they  are fresh.   For a wider selection of properties you may search via our main website. remax-malta.com

The prices of the properties listed on this site are available for a minimum of six months, which is considered a long term rental.